About Us

Our company is delighted to serve you, our valuable customers thanks to our expert and trained staff who have certified their professional skills with certifications thereof our company in also iron and steel products processing units and trade departments in addition to manufacturing, industry, mass production and assembly units. We complete the requirements of our customers from first hand raw material until finished product completely without needing any intermediary within our own company and by our own staff and we have already proved this with the works we have performed until present for the leading companies of Turkish industry. We are always ready to be your most reliable and qualified partner in the fields of production, assembly and supply.

  • Alemdağ Cad., Birlik Sanayi Sitesi F Blok No: 1/7 Ümraniye / ISTANBUL / TURKEY
  • info@bilginmetal.net
  • +90 (216) 634 04 89
    +90 (216) 632 96 73
    +90 (541) 287 25 92
  • +90 (216) 632 96 73